T95 S BEAM LOAD CELL FOR HIGH ACCURACY WEIGHING ATEX (all zones dust and gas with barriers)

The T95 range comprises of a stainless steel load cell complete with tough, painted mounting assembly. Although the assembly is used in compression, the cell is mounted in a pendulum and operated in tension. This ensures that the load point is always maintained through the central axis of the cell, even when the assembly is subjected to considerable movement or misalignment. The T95 is most suitable for high accuracy applications where movement or vibration is present, eg mixers, catalyst vessels, weighing platforms, axle weighers and vehicle weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems. The T95 load cell is also available with ATEX intrinsically safe certification for all gas and dust zones.


Technical information:

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Part Number: T95 ATEX
Product Type: Loadcell
Body: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 2000Kg – 20T
Cable Length: 10m
T95 ATEX Capacity  Price (USD)
2000KG $750.00
5000KG $750.00
10T $1000.00
20T $1200.00
LA95 Painted Loading Assembly Only  Price (USD)
2000 : 5000 : 10000 kg $350.00
20000 kg $950.00

*INCOTERM: TT Full payment “Ex- Singapore Factory” @ Minimum Purchase orders US$3,000.00 Per Invoice Bank Charges US$30.00
**For any order less than US$3,000.00, a surcharge of 20% will be imposed.


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