Hand pallet truck with load indication

Whenever a load is lifted with a pallet truck the chassis bends and deforms, as a result the PWT knows the weight of the load on the pallet truck by measuring this deformation. The measurement is calculated by a sensor on the head of the chassis. The indicator of the PWT translates this into a weight. The indicator shows the weight in 0.5 kg steps, with a tolerance of ± 1 kg. The maximum lifting capacity is 2,500 kg.

General check weighing

The PWT is meant for general check weighing, at goods reception, when determining shipping weights, for preventing overloads and for safety checks. Since there are no components installed in the forks, the pallet truck scale is virtually indestructible. This also makes it suitable for very rough applications, e.g. in production areas or on board lorries.

Efficient indicator, compact design

The indicator’s professional design follows the lines of the pallet truck chassis and therefore it has no projecting parts. There’s a metal cover behind the indicator protecting it from shocks and impacts caused by an extending load or a load accidentally dropping off a pallet.

Very user friendly

Lift the load, read its weight, Print Data on Label & move it to its destination.

For accurate weighing, each weighing needs to be done by lifting height. This means that one needs to lift the load to a curtain height away from the ground.

Via the indicator display the operator is shown what is the load is lifted and he can read the weight.




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