It is a kind of electronic digital weighing control indicator for industrial control fields.  It adopts 16 bit of D/A transformer for analog signal output.  It has RS232/RS485 serial communication port,  Scoreboard interface,  replay output interface with electric isolation.  It equips with aluminium housing and convenient for control cabinet insert installation.  It is widely used in the industries such as cement,  chemical,  metallurgy for various weighing system.


Main Features

  • Four point relay output mode
  • Two point On-Off input
  • Isolated digital communication port; RS232 and RS485
  • Three calibration methods and suitable for wide applications
  • It has analog signal output: 4~20mA, 0~20mA, 0~5V or 0~10V
  • Independent scoreboard port(current loop mode)

Technical Parameters

Digital load cell interface: RS485 mode, Max transmission distance <= 75 meter

Transmission speed ratio: E protocol 19200bps, C protocol 9600bps

Digital load cell Power supply: DC12V / 750mA

Digital load cell number: 1~16pcs

Digital load cell communication protocol: Keli C or E protocol

Display:  6 bit LED display, 12 status symbol

Serial communication interface: Equips RS232, RS485, baud 2400~19200 option

Protocol: Modbus, Continuous transmission

Relay mode: Top limit output

Analogue Current: 0mA~20mA;

Current: 4mA~20mA

Voltage: 0V~5V; Voltage: 0V~10V

Power Supply: AC220V, 50Hz (110V, 50Hz optional customization)

Dimension: 161 X 76 X 164mm

Weight: about 1.5kg


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