Load cell connection problems solved simply and cost effectively. Thames Sides versatile range of junction boxes include standard ABS models with/without trimming potentiometers, versions with ATEX certification and in-built lightning surge arrestors, stainless steel options and versions for digital load cells. Special durable polyurethane 4-wire and 6-wire (with sense wires) connection cable can be supplied in custom lengths for connection from the junction box to the amplifier/instrument. This product also comes with a 5 year warrenty.


Technical information:

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Part Number: Thames Side JB8T-AL-SA
Description: Thames Side JB4T Junction Box 8 Cells with Lightning Protection
Part Number: Thames Side JB8T
Description: Thames Side JB8T Standard ABS Junction Box 8 Cells
Part Number: Thames Side JB8T ATEX
Description: Thames Side JB8T ATEX Junction Box Aluminium 8 Cells
Body Material: Aluminium
Part Number: Thames Side JB8T Digital
Description: Thames Side JB8T Junction Box 8 Cells for Digital Load Cells
Product  Price (USD)
JB8T $180.00
JB8T-AL-SA $260.00
JB8T-ATEX $300.00
JB8T-DIGITAL $380.00

*INCOTERM: TT Full payment “Ex- Singapore Factory” @ Minimum Purchase orders US$3,000.00 Per Invoice Bank Charges US$30.00
**For any order less than US$3,000.00, a surcharge of 20% will be imposed.


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