Applicable for various weighing applications,  with the added flexibility of manually setting functions via numeric keys.  With various power supply options,  the CI-200A  is highly portable and ideal for environments where power outlets are not available or power outages often occur.



–    Simple and prompt full digital calibration

–    High A/D conversion speed(80 times/sec) 

–    High resolution 1/10,000

–    Multi-calibration

    Weight back-up function

–    Weight comparison: Hi, Low, OK (only LCD) 

–    Numeric keys & function keys

–    Various power supplies [DC adaptor, Rechargeable battery or AA size dry battery x 6(option)]

–    4 & 6 wire load cell support

–    2 serial ports    

(i)  Standard: 1 port

(ii)Option: 1 additional port(for PC, printer, remote display communication, etc)

–    Multi-purpose cradle

–    Interface          

(i)  Standard: RS-232C

(ii) Option: RS-422, RS-485


–    Pole bracket

–    Dry battery holder

–    1 additional serial port

–    Remote display

–    Printer (DLP-50, DEP-50)

–    RS-422/RS-485 interface

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